About SimBalisme

SimBalisme is a free download website that provides free software and games for you. Not only that, we also provide some Android APKs. There are also some useful tutorials about the internet and computers.

SimBalisme was created in 2015 by the first admin, Aditya Manung Pratama, and then continued by a newbie named Ergi Wyan until now.

About the Author

The author named Ergi Wyan. The author is an 18-year-old English Literature student. The author's hobbies are playing music, graphic design, programming, and also videography. The author also played several times in the YouTube world.

Currently the author lives in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. But his hometown is in Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia.

Author's motto

Think BIG, Dream BIG, Do BIG!

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